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You Need Something Different

In a challenging talent market, there is a prime opportunity to challenge conventional thinking when it comes to your talent strategy. Rather than push out bland job postings and generic messages, Vertex Talent Group has the proven expertise and resources to pull talented candidates into your company.

Whether you are looking for your next C-level leader, people manager, or individual contributor, Vertex Talent Group provides solutions and resources to meet your human capital needs.

We understand that top-level performers are typically passive and can be challenging to recruit. Our team of experienced recruiters utilizes industry best practices, innovative technologies, and expansive networks to formulate relationships with the most coveted professionals in the talent market.

Our goal is to ensure talent is a business driver for your organization versus a business concern.

Flexible Executive Search Solutions

Vertex Talent Group offers several flexible search options to best suit each unique talent acquisition engagement.

Clients may decide on contingency searches for senior staff and middle management, or retained searches for executive positions.

A confidential search option is readily available for clients who are replacing a current employee or simply require privacy.

We also offer flat fee searches for commission-based compensation packages and contained searches which combine the benefits of contingency and retained search options in a hybrid product.

Whether your professional needs revolve around a new product launch, organizational change, strategic shift, or geographic expansion, our innovative and scalable approach positions organizations to maximize resources, develop strategy, and put the right talent in place to drive the businesses forward.

Talent Strategy Solutions

Whether you need to create your employment brand or take advantage of the latest in digital marketing, Vertex Talent Group has the solution for your hiring needs. As your talent needs evolve, so will your strategy.

Our team of recruitment experts will be constantly monitoring and optimizing the performance of your efforts to ensure you’re getting the most out of your strategy. We’ll even help you identify and evaluate new sources of candidates.

  • Talent and Recruitment Strategy
  • Employment Branding
  • Organizational Design
  • Technology Advisory
  • Process Improvement
  • Change Management

Our Value Proposition

  • Organizations want value from a search firm partner – demonstrated by the results and retention of the talent we deliver to them.

  • Exceptionally talented people want an organization they identify with, trust and aligns with who they are and what they value most.

  • Extraordinary talent isn’t looking for you; they are most often thriving elsewhere.  Vertex Talent Group operates above the noise level, engaging exceptional talent with a highly credible voice and compelling value proposition.  The messenger and message are equally important.

  • Bad hires are toxic and expensive.  Vertex Talent’s proven vetting and discernment process leverages practical expertise, a rigorous interpretation methodology and wisdom derived from over 20 years’ experience.

  • Vetting, discernment and selection require focus in three areas: skill alignment, communication style/ability and traits/attributes.  We are uniquely qualified as subject matter experts in each of these areas.

  • Human capital is an economic issue.  Two things determine your talent ecosystem: results and retention.   To ensure we help drive your business success, Vertex Talent Group tracks post-hire employee performance as well as retention.  Our success drives your success.

Core Values

  • PARTNERSHIP: Building long term relationships with our clients and candidates is our primary objective

  • INTEGRITY: Practicing with honesty over simply making placements is our focus

  • RESULTS: A mutually positive impact on our clients, candidates, and community is our true success

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