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Custom Solutions

Each step of Vertex Talent Group’s executive search process is tailored to the individual client. From our initial consultation, to creating a search plan, sourcing candidates, validating experience, interviewing and checking references, our diligent process ensures only the most qualified candidates, suited for the company’s culture, are presented for consideration.

Industry Knowledge

Vertex Talent Group recruiters specialize in a diverse number of industries. Our wide range of resources can handle the most challenging searches. Our executives have indepth industry knowledge, a wide range of candidate networks, and use innovative technology to help our client companies locate the talent they need to meet their specific hiring requirements. We ensure that throughout the recruitment process, your company will be professionally and accurately represented to the candidate.


Vertex Talent Group believes transparency is the key to any solid partnership. We provide a talent market overview for all searches. For contained or retained searches, we share candidate data and metrics with you, providing you with the full view of the project land-scape all along the way.

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